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Attorney Founded Since 1999. TradeNameUSA.com is a legal document service that was founded by an attorney in 1999 and is based in California though we offer our client complete legal document registration assistance in any of the 50 U.S. States. Since its inception, TradeNameUSA.com has helped thousands of small business owners get their licenses to start their business. At TradeNameUSA.com, we have build trust by providing consistent service with attention to detail.

We can also obtain a tax ID number or seller's permit registration for whatever type of business you're in; wherever it is in the US. Justice, honesty and respect for our clients makes us care enough to do the required research and get you all legally required applications and licenses / permits as well as register your business name, incorporate or form an LLC for your new business.

TradeNameUSA.comis the author of thousands or articles in this website that you can use to be confident of what you need to start your own small company. We can prepare the applications and file them for you or direct you and help you file them yourself. We will be glad to help you get all licenses you need to start your business!



Should You File an LLC instead of a Trade Name DBA?

When you go into business for yourself, you immediately become a target for others to sue you. If you are sued for a transaction that arose out of a business situation, you will stand a chance of losing everything you own -- your house, your car, all of your personal assets.

As a sole proprietor you will likely seek to protect your personal assets with incorporation, which is another form of business liability insurance.

It is a no brainer and the least expensive ways to protect your personal assets - incorporate. A corporation is the cheapest form of liability insurance you can buy so long as a business transaction does not involve your own personal negligence or you have not acted fraudulently.

You can incorporate with the help of a lawyer in most states. However, we can help you incorporate for much less here.

Once you download and complete the Trade Name forms, mail them to the Trade Name Center

Trade Name Information Services provides details of all Incorporation Papers you may need to operate your business in United States, Counties and Local Governments.

We got the information on how to apply for a Trade Name , how to get a Trade Name , as well as the what's needed to obtain a Trade Name

Whether you are starting a business or thinking of starting one, this site will help you find out which Incorporation Papers and ByLaws you need for that starting business - or any other Incorporation Papers or Incorporation ByLaws related to that type of business.

File All Your Trade Name , Licenses, Tax IDs, LLC, Corporation or DBA (Doing Business As) Online.

Starting a business?

We can help you file your DBA and find out what you need and set up your company.

We measure our worth with the degree of assistance we provide and since most clients are satisfied with our service we are confident that we can help you start your business with all legal business licenses and permits as well as form an llc or incorporate you.

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