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Trade Name
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Fictitious Firm Name

Starts @ $ 119

Starts @ $

Fictitious Firm Name
A fictitious firm name is the same as a trade name.  It is the name of the business when officially registered with the government.

For example, you do business as  a sole proprietor using the business name  "Best Merchandise Company".  

The business name is called a fictitious firm name (as in Nevada).  

In other states, it goes by a fictitious business name, as in California, and assumed business name in Texas or Business Name Certificate in New York etc.  

It is also known as Doing Business As ( DBA ) because a business is doing business as a certain name as in the example above.

The point is that it has to be registered with a DBA certificate and in some cases also be published in a legal newspaper and a proof of publication obtained.

You can obtain it here online.

In some cases, it can be obtained on the same day but normally it takes about 3-5 business days or if expedited can be done same day.  You will have the opportunity to choose expedited service when you check out.
Those who need to save on taxes and protect themselves from legal liability.
Fictitious Firm Name

In Addition to a Trade Name, You May Need The Following:

Here Are The Permits, Tax  ID Number(s) & Other Registrations Required When Starting a Business

  • All Businesses need at a minimum a Business Permit  & an Fictitious Business Name.
  • If you are a retailer or wholesaler, you will need minimum a Sellers Permit  , & a Business Permit 

  • If you hire workers,  you will need minimum  a Federal Tax Id Number  & State Employer Permit , & a Business Permit.

  • Corporations and LLC s need  at a minimum a Federal Tax Id   & a Business Permit.
  • Partners need  at a minimum a Federal Tax Id    a Fictitious Business Name  & a Business Permit.

  •  Sole Owner/Proprietors may get and use a Federal Tax Id   & also  at a minimum get  a Business Permit  but also a Trade Name if using one.
  • Instead of filing an Trade Name, you can choose Incorporation or form an LLC  & You will not need an Trade Business Name


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