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In general, you need to file an Maryland trade business name and it is a certificate of your  business name as opposed to a certificate of a business such as a business license.

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Trade Names and DBA's

Trade Name requirements for corporations and limited liability companies in Maryland vary. In addition to complying with any tax id number requirements of any state agency, other government codes where the company will have a business presence should be reviewed.

In most cases, local governments can inform an about trade name requirements in their jurisdiction.


All starting businesses, (including small business, retail stores, internet business, online business, online web sites and home business), at least get a business tax registration license and file a trade name and in most cases obtain a tax id number.

For All Businesses
Select your business structure
Create or register your business
Select and register your business name and entity
Register a trade name
Obtain federal, state, county, and local tax information
Tax Id number and FEIN
Check state and local license requirements
Obtain and complete Application for Maryland Business License

Select Your Business Structure
The first step in establishing a business in the State of Maryland is to determine which form of business structure is most appropriate for your type of business. The most common forms of business structure are the sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation and limited liability company. Each  has certain advantages and disadvantages that should be considered. Choosing the appropriate structure for your business is one of the most important decisions  and may require advice from professional advisor.

Once you have chosen a structure for your business, the next step is to complete the necessary registration requirements.

Create Your Business Structure
Sole Proprietorships, General Partnerships
Sole proprietorships or general partnerships require no legal entry formalities except compliance with State and local licensing and taxation requirements.

Legal Entities (Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships, and Limited Liability Partnerships)
For information about registration requirements for legal entities, contact us:

Select and Register Your Business Name
Naming the business is a critical step. You can select a business name yourself, or you can hire a professional to do the search on availability and file the necessary forms.

For information on trade name availability and forms contact us:

For information on corporate name availability and forms, contact us:

Trade Business Name filing - File your DBA Trade Business Name -  Maryland trade name requirements apply to City, County and State levels of government.

Trade Names are filed at the state level. A Certificate or Affidavit of Trade Name is filed with the County Recorder's office.

In addition, for a business to register a trade name (also referred to as a "dba") with the State. An Affidavit of Trade Name is recorded at the County level. While the registration of trade names, a dba, or trademark is not required in Maryland, it is an accepted business practice. Maryland law provides for the filing of a trade name affidavit or certificate.

Get your trade name, license or tax ids


Are you selling retail or wholesale items?